June 5, 2010

Riding through the Reeds in the Marsh

Beautiful scene fishing
Top of the reeds seem to point the heavens.

Riding through the marsh reminds me of walking trails in the woods. We kayaked twisting and turning through marsh that is like tiny islands everywhere.
Birds feed off this seed.

Entrance to the marsh. You can't tell very well from this photo
but you can turn left or right towards the middle.

These are the last photos I'll post from our day in Cocodrie, La. Riding through the reeds was beautiful and exciting. I feel lucky to be able to have the opportunity to do it whenever I want. Hopefully that pleasure isn't taken away due to the negligence and inablity to act quickly to keep BP's oil from our coastal wetlands.

Redfish - A Fish in Abundance

It was fun fishing from the kayaks with my husband. Got so many hits and a wonderful meal of fresh grilled Redfish because of it.
The Oil and Gas Industry has been a part of our economy for decades and has been practiced safely for decades. Shoreside you can see images of it in the works. The wetlands and industry are intermingled. This is our home and our lives, because of it "Safety First" is a huge statement and practiced thoughout companies here. Safety for human life along with safety for the environment is important. It's my opinion the rig accident of April 20th 2010 was due to a handful of people that did not practice "Safety First". They gambled with lives and our environment. That is criminal and because of what happened, there will be a ripple effect across the U.S. in ways that many are not aware of.

The first photo is of the marina we launched our kayak from. Second is a shot of one of the many bugs. And the last shot is actually of two birds feeding on the grass seeds. See how easily they are camouflaged?
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Life Around and Within the Reeds

There is life in and around the reeds. Where I was I could only hear a little splash every so often. It took a while to find this Green Heron because the reeds are like camouflage. In the first photo you can't see it. The second photo is where I was able to get closer in my kayak. I was amazed at how close this bird let me get.

Kayaking in Cocodrie, Louisiana

This is what they call "the end of the world". It's the southern point of Cocodrie, Louisiana which leads out to the Gulf and is known worldwide as one of the places here for great fishing. On the drive from Houma leading here you will see the bayou which runs along the road and you will see wetlands. You will see Egrets, Blue Heron, Pelicans, Hawks, ducks. I could go on forever listing the birds. We are also known by birders for the best birding in the country. Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, it's these parishes where the birds live or migrate and stop off before traveling onward home. What you don't see is how much wildlife is withing the reeds. You don't see this in a photo. Not unless you get the chance to ride through can you get a small glimps of whats there. Stop the car. Watch and wait. You will see animals moving through if you can get a close look. You see the fish jumping. Even then you can't see what you'd like because they are within the lush reeds. I have the great opportunity to kayak through here with my husband. We fished. We road through the reeds. If you can get close enough, you see it, you hear it. You hear the birds calling. You hear the reeds rustling. You can only imagine what it is. Close your eyes because those are the senses that are most stimulated. In these photos you can see the reeds. What you can't see now is how they are really like trails through the woods, only the path is water.

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June 2, 2010

Photography First

Photography was one of the first art forms I was interested in and is a great resource for my works in clay and paint. I've been interested in photography since I was a teenager and refer to the multitudes of photographs I take locally.

My need to expose the beauty of South Louisiana's culture, wildlife and wetlands to the world is what inspires many of my designs. The people, food and culture here is interesting and unlike anything in the U.S. All this is what makes this place home. It's my life. It's what I'm about. It's a part of me.

Now I feel hurried. Documentation is needed more than ever to prove that it all was once here, because in the near future, it may no longer be. At the rate we are loosing wetland, this could happen in my children's lifetime. This is nothing new. The world should know.

My first posts will be of some local photographs. The beginnings of my designs.

Photography in South Louisiana. The source of my art work.