September 23, 2010

Platters and Two Colander/Berry Bowls

This is a deeper platter with four nice handmade feet. For additional views please send email request.

Textured platter with handles

Here is two colander/berry bowls. The last one is the largest.
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Stoneware Sgraffito Platters with Shrimp Design & Egret in Swamp Design

       SOLD Egret in Swamp Scene
Here are some new Sgraffito platters. I only have two left to fire and that will probably be it for the platters till the end of the year. One is my Alligator Design and the other will be another Shrimp Design. Soon I will be firing some work that I’ve made with white on dark clay background.

September 22, 2010

Stoneware Platters Available with Egret and Pelican Designs

SOLD Egret in Swamp Scene
Here are three 12" Sgraffito stoneware platters that I just finished. This is my favorite kind of work and I get such a satisfaction when I am finally able to pull them out of the kiln completed. I've already added these to my website so refer to it for purchases and to see more pottery and paintings available.

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September 13, 2010

Stoneware Pottery Jar

This is another item done in a recent firing. It's a stoneware pottery jar with a wood fired look. It has an impression done with a hand made rose stamp. Available for sale on the "Pots with Lids" page on Go to my "Online Gallery" page to see everything listed for purchase.

My latest work

I'm taking this time to post an example of my latest work in stoneware clay. This is a wheel thrown and altered piece. It is made using speckled clay which is a clay that I love to use. I've impressed a small design on the lower right side. I have three similar to this that are added to my web site for sale.

September 11, 2010

My Pottery Website is Up and Running

I'm finally finished my pottery website so take it for a test run. Now I will be able to concentrate on pottery making and painting. I will soon be glazing my latest platters which are sgraffito designs of local pelicans, egrets and alligators in swamp scenes. I also have a cool image of a Gulf Shrimp done before he hit the pot. I also have a couple platters that will be glazed with multicolored glazes.

I plan on having at least a couple angels available for Christmas so I will be getting started on those soon too. I'm hoping to have those ready sometime in October.

As I take everything out of the kiln, images will be posted on my blog, so subscribe to it if you would like to get email updates on kiln openings. You can then refer back to my website for purchases at  You also have option to subscribe to RSS feed. Personally I find the email updates are more convienent but it's your choice.

Hope you enjoy my new website and my up and coming art works.

Crystal Nolfo~Brown

September 2, 2010

Updating Pottery Website

I've been working on my pottery website for quite a while. Hopefully it will be ready to publish soon so I can get back to working with clay. Maybe make a painting or two. That would be nice. Till then my old web page is still running. I haven't updated it since it was written with Front Page which is no longer available. I have a new program and I'm writing a site that my customers will be able to purchase directly from it, or contact me for orders.

Crystal Nolfo~Brown