October 1, 2010

Latest Platters from the Kiln.

SOLD Alligator Platter

These are probably the last of the sgraffito platters that I'll fire before Christmas and the holidays. One shrimp design and one alligator design. These are listed for purchase along with previus platters on my website. My platters have scenes made using my own drawings and photos. I always use a basic design for the outline of an element or two and then carve the rest free hand. It's a slow and laborious process but I love the results.
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Two Sgraffito Pots - Bayou Scenes


With these two pieces of pottery I made each using a similar design. One has white coating over dark clay and the other has a black coating over an ivory white clay. Both are glazed with a clear glaze. Although the design is similar they are all different in some way. I use a basic design but carve by hand as I go on most of it.
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A Pelican Design and an Iris Design on Sgraffito Pottery. White on Dark Clay

This is sgraffito pottery that I made using a dark clay under a white clay coating with a clear glaze. The white clay coating is carved away to make this design. This one is of a pelican sitting on a post overlooking water. I show two views so that you can see the design used on the back and sides.

Here is another sgraffito pottery pot of an Iris flower. This is a flower that grows wild here in Louisiana.
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